• Insulated modules
    and energy savings

    The insulation of the thresholds is one of the most significant in planning the containment of energy consumption of a building. And Pronema’s insulated modules are against heat loss.
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  • Insulated modules
    and the comfort of home

    A well insulated building is a place where quality of life is better: it’s cool in summer and warm in winter. For such a result are born Pronema’s insulated modules:
    to make a building a better place to live.

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What are the insulated modules

The insulated modules in the Pronema’s range are consisting of two vertical elements and two horizontal elements to be applied around the edge of window and French window openings. They replace traditional (and inefficient in terms of energy) frames and subframes.

They can be installed either in the construction of new houses or used for renovations.

The benefits

  • Reduction of heat loss due to thermal bridges
  • Savings on heating bills
  • Better insulation in summer
  • Natural, evenly distributed warmth
  • Mould removal or prevention
  • Better sound insulation from outside noise

Energy savings and comfort: these are the benefits

These insulated modules are designed to ensure that there are no gaps or thermal bridges between the outer wall and window frames, thereby avoiding any heat loss in winter or poor heat insulation during the summer.

Precisely because window reveals increase the thermal efficiency of buildings - reducing energy consumption and environmental impact - you may reduce their cost and recover the investment in just a few years through the considerable savings you can make on heating and cooling costs.

Window reveals also improve sound insulation inside the house, making it even more comfortable and quiet.

The insulated module can integrate various combinations taylored for every need.

The range of Pronema’s insulated modules

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